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Massage Therapy and Soft Tissue Injuries

The job of your body worker, (massage therapist) is to assist your body in the natural process of healing. Soft tissue injuries can be caused by anything from a sports injury to slipping on a patch of ice. There are also injuries that can manifest over time, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or sciatica. The discomfort from these injuries can have an extreme impact, such as climbing stairs and holding objects. There are non-invasive options that can put you on the path to healing.

There are many different techniques. Don't be afraid to inquire about how a therapist works before making an appointment. You might be looking for someone to help you recover from a frozen shoulder or tennis elbow. You may want these issues to be the focus for your appointment rather than a a relaxing massage. Of course a relaxing massage itself has medicinal qualities, such as an increase of circulation and the relaxation of tired muscles.

We are fortunate to have many options to wellness. I'd hate to think of a world where we would be without the advancement of western medicine. I'd like to just note that natural body work is ancient and has never gone away regardless of these advancements. Although there are times when surgery will resolve a soft tissue injury, you may want to try a non invasive approach first.

A good healer is a practitioner who puts their clients well being first whether they are a doctor or body worker. Your body worker is taught to always know when your condition is beyond their scope of practice and be ready to refer you to a physician. Be aware of your options and make the best choices for the sake of your well being.

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